Zero hours contracts: are they all bad?

The area of employment law that most commentators have been focusing on recently, as well as the numerous employment law changes that have been coming into force over the last few months, is zero-hours contracts. (more…)

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The false economy of neglecting Human Resources

In some companies, HR can be seen as an add-on as opposed to integral function of an organisation. There are two obvious reasons for this; firstly, HR doesn’t always offer the same kind of excitement or glamour as something like R&D or sales, and also many HR professionals struggle to illustrate the value that HR can bring to an organisation. (more…)

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Mid-Yorkshire Chamber and organic hr’s discounted HR service

Starting this week, we’ve teamed up with the Mid-Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Pennine Business Partners to offer chamber members exclusive HR support.

Having good HR practices s is vital to the effective running of a modern business, so along with Pennine Business Partners and MY Chamber, we’re pleased to be offering free seminars and HR surgeries, online guides, a free HR health check worth £75, and an online ask a question facility available on the Chamber’s LinkedIn group here.

The support will also include free HR documents and templates, and the first seminar – on effective recruitment and selection – will be held on the 7th of August at the Chamber’s Huddersfield office.

To find out more and keep up with the latest support events, visit the MY Chamber site here, or follow us, the MY Chamber or Pennine Business Partners on twitter at @organichr , @MidYorksChamber and @lynnmbradley.

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How to reduce staff absence in the workplace

Figures released by Price Waterhouse Coopers last week suggest that sickness absence is costing the UK economy around £29 billion a year. (more…)

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More employment law changes! Here are 5 for July…

This year so far has seen a huge number of changes to UK employment law, many of which require employers to take action – and July is no exception. Here 5 changes which come into effect from the 29th of July: (more…)

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Hot weather and the workplace

The current heat wave in the UK will be a cause for celebration for some, and reason to despair for others, but sun-worshipper or not, the rarity of this warm weather brings some considerations for managers in the workplace. (more…)

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Understanding organisational culture

There are lots of things business leaders need to consider when they’re starting a company and keeping it on track. Finances, sales and operational issues are some that first spring to mind; suffice to say ‘business culture’ – or ‘organisational culture’ – probably isn’t one of them, despite its importance, and as we’ll see, its knock-on effect. (more…)

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HR and employment quick guide

Sometimes even the basics of HR and employment can escape employers and workers alike, so we’ve produced a handy quick guide which covers the bare essentials of UK employment law: (more…)

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Our brand new HR packages

This week sees the launch of organic hr’s new HR ‘packages’, a series of 8 tailor-made packages that each deal with a specific challenge that organisations may face with their people. (more…)

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How does the grievance process work?

Unfortunately there may come in time in an individual’s working life that they have to be involved in a grievance – technically a statement of complaint about a perceived wrongdoing or unfairness; in terms of the workplace this usually translates into a grievance hearing, which listens to the complaint in question. (more…)

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