Our ethical approach to business

As well as providing a great service to our clients, something else we’re passionate about is running organic hr as ethically as possible. You might hear this from businesses a lot, but what does it actually mean to us?  Well it means . . .

  • Our number one responsibility is to our clients
  • We only take on work where we have expertise
  • We transfer skills so you are not dependent on us
  • We tailor our services to your needs
  • We manage expectations
  • We have affordable and transparent pricing
  • We provide a consistent – and consistently available – point of contact
  • We believe in working for, and supporting, our local communities

Social Responsibility

We work hard to be socially responsible. For example . . .

  • We are trustees on the boards of several charities
  • We undertake pro bono HR and management support for these enterprises and their leaders, supporting them in achieving positive change for disadvantaged groups
  • We will waive our fees in cases of hardship


We seek out ways to be environmentally responsible, minimising resource use wherever we can . . .

  • We have taken decisions within the last year that have reduced our carbon footprint by over 20%
  • We recycling equipment and consumables in the office (which we find somewhat addictive!)
  • We make intelligent choices around transport to clients (or alternatives to transport!)
  • We have purchased a green company vehicle

Responsible supply chain

We believe that all of this supports our clients’ ability to demonstrate their approach to ethical management and good governance.