A beginner’s guide to HR intelligence

So what is it?

HR Intelligence is essentially about informing your decision making. There are many ways business leaders can do this of course, but we concentrate on things like engagement surveys, salary benchmarking and psychometric profiling and ability testing.

Engagement surveys

Surveys offer employers a chance to communicate with their employees on a whole host of different topics, one of which is their happiness or ‘engagement’ with the company. These surveys aren’t about rooting out disenfranchised employees, but rather finding out why contented employees are engaged with the company, and how it might be possible to move more people into this desirable group. Engagement surveys generally group staff into 4 main areas, which are:

  1. Unhappy – someone who is dissatisfied and disengaged from their organisation; these people are unproductive, often disaffecting those around them and they take up a great deal of management time; they will stay with the company only until they find something else, which in difficult economic times could take a while.
  1. Satisfied – someone who is generally content with pay, benefits, management and working conditions. Generally they are passive, doing nothing over and above the minimum required; they may resign when something better comes along.
  1. Committed – someone who does not think about leaving the company but is reactive, usually responding to situations only when told to.
  1. Engaged – someone who proactively champions and promotes their organisation at every opportunity, feeling a strong connection with their company and seeking better ways to do things.

The video below from A&DC, a supplier of engagement surveys, highlights some of the business benefits of engagement surveys:



Salary benchmarking

Although saving money is of course an obvious benefit to a company of salary benchmarking (over-paying doesn’t necessarily get results from everybody), it would be a fairly cynical way to look at the process.

Proper benchmarking using specialist tools can help with motivation too, as under-paying employees can lead to a brain drain and ultimately a loss of key skills in the workplace. The key is to figure out how a salary and reward scheme would ideally look for your firm, whilst also accounting for the fact that not everybody is money-motivated – a good working environment, work/life balance and extras like a health plan will be much more important to some individuals.


Psychometric profiling/Ability testing

We touched on some of the actual tests involved in the  ‘team development’ guide, but psychometric profiling and ability testing is also a big part of HR Intelligence and again, informing decision making.

We use psychometrics for things like recruitment and selection, team and individual development, coaching, talent management and succession planning.


How does this affect my company?

All firms have certain decisions they must make, but where’s the sense in making those decisions in the dark? HR Intelligence offers a more scientific and measurable approach to decision making, so when it comes to structuring pay or promoting a team member, it isn’t just guesswork. Ultimately, this means that won’t make that wrong decisions that costs money, time or an employee’s goodwill.


Why organic hr?

organic hr’s partners are qualified in the British Psychological Society Certificate of Occupational Testing to Level B, which means that we are proficient and experienced in applying personality and ability testing in businesses. This along with our background in management consultancy as well as traditional human resources means we’re well placed to translate this ‘HR Intelligence’ into results.

We also use a range of different products and tools, and choose the right ones to use according to the purpose, the individual and the organisation we are working with. Furthermore, we provide a complimentary Level B Conversion Seminar with one of our providers, Talent Q.


We want these guides to be as helpful and informative as possible, so if you’ve got any questions about the post or employee relations, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to help!


Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to use about our services, give us a call on 01422 399535 or email us at team@organichr.co.uk.

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