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Dealing with people and employment matters within your business can be challenging.  Perhaps you are embarking on something new or unfamiliar (for example succession planning or restructuring), or maybe you are concerned about risks associated with dismissing someone; or, as is so often the case, your management time is at a premium and you need to get things right quickly at the first attempt.

We believe that getting good advice at the outset can help managers to understand their options and make the right decisions for their business and their people.

Often the hardest part of addressing a people issue, whether at an operational or strategic level, is getting a clear understanding of what the issue actually is so that the relevant procedural and structural factors are addressed.

To help with this, organic hr are happy to offer you a free initial consultation with one of our experienced HR Consultants.  This discussion will offer general advice and options for dealing with a staff or employment matter.  Usually we will be able to provide you with a helpful steer that will save you significant management time and resources.

You may feel that it would be helpful to have a review of your employment procedures – to ensure they are still up-to-date for example.  So this free consultation can be used for a brief HR Healthcheck, looking at key areas such as compliance, staff retention, development and reward.

So GET IN TOUCH . . . for some friendly, objective and useful tips and help.

No scaremongering guarantee: True, employment relations carry various and often significant elements of risk.  We will emphasise these to you where necessary and relevant but we will not spend the consultation time focusing upon real or potential vulnerabilities in order to pressure you in to action.

It’s simply not the way we do business.

Our aim for you at the end the conversation is to leave you feeling more prepared and confident.

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