Holiday time is here…

Everyone is gearing up for the festive period, and for employers and businesses this can be an interesting time.  Whatever type of organisation you are, the Christmas and New Year celebrations have an impact, whether you enjoy an increase in business, suffer a decrease in business, are faced with challenging staffing and rota issues or just keeping employees off the on-line shopping sites long enough to get the work done!

All of these and other festive activities can have an effect on staff morale, performance and attendance in a positive or negative way, and many organisations find themselves facing difficult staff issues through the period, creating stress, an increase to management time and resulting in potentially difficult decisions and unpopular outcomes.  From disciplaries to grievances, sickness absence to misconduct, the holiday season does not provide a welcome break!

However excited we are about our annual visit from Father Christmas here at organic hr, we are proud to say that we are here, ready to help.  Should any situation occur for your organisation or a member of your team, we are available to provide over the phone or face to face help, helping to ease the stress and achieve the right outcome for all concerned.

Get in touch with one of our HR Consultants for a chat or to arrange a meeting over a coffee and a mince pie!

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