HR for the small business

Here at organic hr we are regularly asked how we can ‘earn our keep’ in a small or micro business.  Many business owners focus almost all of their time on developing new customers and looking after their current ones, with time for the compliance and administrative parts of the business taking second place.  With often a small number of dedicated and happy staff, the thought of putting together employment documentation, policies and procedures seems time consuming and unnecessary.

We believe that this is exactly the right time to get the basics in place.  All too often, we get a call from a manager in a crisis – with a sudden and unexpected staff issue that can soon become a mountain instead of a molehill for the lack of clear terms and conditions of employment, or avoidance of tackling a problem in the hope it would disappear in a puff of smoke.

Situations like this are costly – and not just in financial terms.  The impact stretches to management time, stress and worry, and very often has a negative impact on the entire team, reducing motivation, productivity and job satisfaction.  Furthermore, a ‘sour taste’ is sometimes left for a business owner, resulting in an avoidance of recruiting more staff, ultimately slowing the potential growth of a business.

We’ve always been proud that our unique approach as a provider of outsourced HR means that we don’t use scare tactics to bring clients on board – but there’s no getting away from the fact that the small investment of money and time required to put in place employment essentials is significantly less than picking up the pieces of a messy issue – and to be honest, it’s much easier for all concerned!

If you’d like to speak to us about how we could help your business, get in touch. We can quickly give you a quote for the work you are looking for, and talk to you about our popular and cost-effective HR support packages that might suit your needs.

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