Identifying the right people

Put simply, selection is the process through which employers should (and often must) undertake when choosing an employee for whatever purpose.  It is often thought of purely in relation to its role within recruitment.  However, selection is an essential part of other critical employment activities such as, creating teams, redundancy handling, succession planning, redeployment and change management.

Despite its importance, selection is a key activity for employers that is often overlooked and/or under resourced.

Effective selection helps to avoid unfair discrimination (and its potential negative consequences such as legal action, employment tribunals and low morale) and helps to ensure that the people within a business are managed effectively in a way which makes the most of their skills, abilities and development activities to date.

organic hr works closely with employers within Calderdale, Kirklees, Wakefield, Bradford and the rest of West Yorkshire to ensure that the key principles, techniques and responsibilities involved in selecting the right people for whatever purpose.  In particular our work covers:

When to select – the principles of selection

Recruitment – identifying the right fit

Redeployment – developing strong teams and succession planning

Redundancies – handling difficult times positively

The role of competencies

When and how to employ psychometrics

Legal responsibilities

ROI:  making selection activities cost effective

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