Organic hr Partner Spencer Lord featured in CNN article

One of the partners at organic hr, Spencer Lord, was featured in a CNN article about neuroses in the workplace last week, which looked at two new studies that suggest neurotics perform better than would be expected in a place of work, whereas extroverts can sometimes disappoint.

As well as Corinne Bendersky, a researcher at Neha Shah of Rutgers University, and Adrian Furnham, a psychology professor at the University College London, Spencer contributed his expert opinion with regards to neurotics in the workplace:

“They are more predisposed to worry about the consequences of mistakes and therefore put more effort into avoiding them…due to their natural caution, they can also be very effective in assessing risk.”


Spencer also went on to describe a client he had worked with in the past:

“Her risk aversion, need for precision and near-obsessive attention to detail don’t make her the most popular member of the leadership team at times – she often shoots down ideas from her fellow directors – but she is utterly indispensable,”

To read the full article by Vanessa Ko for CNN, please click here.

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