Our brand new HR packages

This week sees the launch of organic hr’s new HR ‘packages’, a series of 8 tailor-made packages that each deal with a specific challenge that organisations may face with their people.

Designed to make decisions relating to human resources and team development easy for managers and decision-makers in already stretched roles, the 8 packages are available in between 1 and 3 levels, depending on the size and needs of the organisation in question, and address situations or gaps that are commonplace in many places of work.

The packages are also useful for organisations that already have a HR function, as well as those that don’t; the ‘Cultivation Package’ for example is perfect for boosting staff performance using organic’s specialist training and experience, whilst the ‘Containment Package’ is handy for one-off staff issues that can be a problem for organisations that for whatever reason has not invested din its own internal human resources staff.

To take a look at the HR packages in more detail please visit their dedicated page on the site here, or get in touch with us to have a friendly, informal chat about the packages, or any of our services.

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