Case Management: Investigations, Hearings and Appeals

Employment Law case management is a support service we provide to help our clients handle potentially contentious aspects of employing people.  Disciplinary, Grievance, and Capability (including long term absence) processes can be challenging, lengthy and draining.

A key feature of our approach – one that differentiates us from many other providers of outsourced HR and Employment Law support – is that we routinely provide hands-on, on-site support.  This allows our clients to ‘off load’ complex employment matters for us to manage on their behalf.  What’s more, because of our independent nature, our involvement helps our clients to demonstrate the objectivity of their procedures – very important in times of dispute.

Provided separately or as part of an Outsourced HR support package, we deliver as much or as little support as required – including Investigations, Hearings, and Appeals. Key parts of this support are set out below:

Hands-on management of all stages

Ensuring an objective, fair and effective process including:

  • Seeking informal resolution
  • Investigations
  • Hearings (if required/appropriate)
  • Appeals (if required/appropriate)
Delivery of all supporting activities

Providing the ‘behind the scenes’ support for employers,  establishing a solid foundation to handle these potentially complex and high risk situations:

  • Documentation
  • Communications
  • Guidance and support for managers
  • Absence management

We are committed to the best interests of our clients and their people.  The matters addressed here can become all consuming and extremely stressful for employers and employees alike.  We take the strain and help our clients to ‘get their lives back’.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Key areas of Employment Law case management include:

disciplinary   |   grievance   |   absence management  |  capability   |   conduct   | harassment and bullying   |performance management