Our Human Resources Services

We’re firm believers that human resources shouldn’t be seen as a separately functioning silo in an organisation, divorced from the realities of your business and only to be used when there is a ‘people problem’.  Or perhaps even worse, a department which issues lengthy, boring, irrelevant procedures, rules and forms, produces masses of bureaucracy and prevents managers from doing their jobs.  We believe that HR should be the mortar which is seen to bind the whole of the company together, underpinning its culture and supporting every individual to deliver superior performance.

Human resources‘ is probably one of the most misunderstood and misused terms in business, and it’s easy to see why. Most employees will probably only have had brief dealings with their HR function, for example:

  • receiving their contract of employment at the start of their working life along with a usually hefty and boring staff manual which remains unread;
  • when there is a ‘disciplinary matter’ in the offing;
  • when they leave their employment.

Many business managers and owners often don’t see the value of HR, or feel too busy to think about HR ‘stuff’ – yet good HR practices are critical to business success, and cover areas such as:

  • recruitment and selection – a challenging and expensive process (on average between £5,000-£10,000 per employee), and particularly so when it goes wrong; it has to deliver the right people at the right time in an objective, legally-compliant and cost-effective way
  • employee engagement‘ (aka passionate and happy people) – enabling staff to deliver quality work performances that keep the business resilient, innovative and healthy
  • data analysis – information collected by HR gives a valuable and unique perspective on business-critical matters, providing factual feedback to inform business strategies, such as identifying the need for, and managing, changes
  • management skills development – supporting managers to have the confidence and knowledge when dealing with their staff

organic hr offers outsourced HR support for firms that don’t have the capacity, confidence or time to take care of it themselves.  We can take the lead on specific projects (such as management training) or be an extra pair of hands (such as for an investigation) or provide up-to-date and compliant documentation – all of which use our significant skills and experience as both HR consultants as well as management consultants.

Our outsourced HR section has more information on the retained service we offer to firms, whilst the sidebar on the left has more details about individual services that we can provide.