Care Sector HR

We think that organisations within the care sector face some of the most challenging circumstances when it comes to HR and employment matters, for example:

Large spans of control

Often organisations within the sector have relatively few managers compared to operational staff.  This small pool of managers can find themselves involved in all aspects of the business, so it can be difficult to deal with everything – for example demonstrating effective resourcing when managing a project (such as planning a reorganisation), or assuring objectivity and independence in business processes (such as handling a disciplinary).

Recruitment challenges / competition for talent

Many of the highly skilled caring and clinical professionals working within the sector have abilities and knowledge that can be applied across so many different sectors.  Care sector organisations have to make a compelling case to be an employer of choice in a competitive market.

Regulatory requirements

Organisations within the care sector have to make sure that their approach to HR and employment closely supports the operational priority of clearly meeting regulatory requirements.  These requirements and standards come from many sources too, whether from local council commissioning teams or national bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  There is a need to consider the specific standards that relate to staffing, such as the CQC essential standards outcomes 12-14 (12: Requirements relating to workers, 13: Staffing, 14: Supporting workers).

All of these challenges and many more are faced whilst providing some of the most important and highly demanding services.

Free resources from organic hr

At organic hr, we don’t pretend to fully grasp all of the challenges that organisations within the care sector face, but we do have a real interest and a desire to provide support where we can.  To get things started, we’ve prepared a free white paper providing ideas on how effective recruitment, selection and induction can have a positive impact, with special consideration of the CQC essential standards 12-14 (suitability of staffing).

This is available to download from the site by clicking the picture.  We are always happy to provide general advice over the phone too, often with no charge, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.