Outsourced HR

HR Outsourcing is becoming a popular service across all sectors and size of organisation. Whether you have 2 or 250 staff, the benefits of using an outsourced HR service are clear – reduced risk, controlled personnel costs and the freeing up of management time.

Most organisations encourage their managers to manage, but who deals with the necessaries of employing staff along with the employment documentation and requirements that come with it?  These days business owners and managers are all too aware of the dangers and pitfalls or burying their heads in the sand in this area, but the knowledge and work needed to prepare and maintain employment documentation and processes can be overwhelming.

Whilst many aspects of HR support can be delivered remotely, to be truly effective there is no substitute for a personal, hands-on approach, and this is one feature that sets organic hr apart from other outsourced HR providers.

We are a dedicated human resources and team development company who provide HR outsourcing packages and services that are relevant and affordable (take a look at our pricing structure).  We live and breath HR from Monday to Friday, and sometimes at the weekends too!  The problems that faze many of our clients are our favourite subject, and there is nothing more satisfying to us than providing the support that results in peace of mind.

Our approach is simple and effective – we pride ourselves on our user-friendly and commercial approach to our work, and always tailor our services to meet the real needs of our clients.

If you are interested in outsourcing your HR activity, read more about outsourced HR packages from our menu on the left and find out about the benefits and our transparent fee structure, and get in touch – we’ll ask you about your needs and talk to you about how our hassle-free outsourced HR service can help.