Outsourced HR pricing structure

We try to keep our pricing structure very simple. Below are the key factors that we use to calculate the fees for our Outsourced HR Support:

Human resources pricing

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Alternatively, we offer a set of 8 tailor-made HR packages that each deal with a specific HR or management challenge:

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About our outsourced HR

The £62.50 rate is a reduction on our standard consultancy fee rate in recognition of the longer term relationship involved in an outsourced service. Payment is based on an agreed monthly fee, which allows the costs of work delivered to be spread out and managed carefully.

The amount of hours of support required per month will be agreed with you in advance. The rule of thumb is around one hour for every five staff, but this ratio reduces as staff numbers increase above forty. Every business has unique HR requirements, so the exact composition of the HR support will be tailored specifically to your level of need.