Performance management and appraisal systems

Performance management is exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s about getting the right people to do the right activities in the right way, and ensuring that every individual understands how every activity they undertake contributes and makes a difference to their organisation’s success.

Our HR consultants like to consider performance management as an integrated process, combining many elements of good people management, including learning and development.

Organic hr believe good performance management incorporates the following three key areas:

  1. Improving performance at an indivdual, team and organisational level
  2. Development, focusing on continual learning, improvement and change
  3. Managing behaviour, encouraging the right behaviours that improve relationships and foster good practice within an organisation

There are many management and human resources disciplines that enable this to really work and fit in an organisation, providing genuine improvements to overall performance.  Here at organic hr, we don’t believe that simply introducing an annual appraisal system is going to do the trick, and nor do we want to turn your organisation upside down with 127 processes and practices that take the focus away from the job in hand.  Instead, we’ll listen to what you want to achieve, and provide a tailored practical solution that will make sense to your managers and your staff, and we can help you implement it too.

Furthermore, if you have performance management processes in place now, we’ll review them for you, and where sensible, will integrate these into any work we recommend.  Contact us, and we’ll explore this area with you over the telephone or over a steaming hot cup of coffee.