Technical Writing

We spend a lot of time at organic hr writing stuff, lots of stuff!  A great deal of it requires a thorough knowledge of legislation, case law, regulations, sector specific good practice and client requirements.  Whatever we write has to be clear, concise, accurate, in a style that reflects our clients’ needs, but most importantly, it has to be understandable and usable by the people who are destined to read it.  We also believe that it does not have to be dull, dry and boring.

Our documents therefore, must be fit for their purpose, for example:

  • contracts of employment – these have to unambiguous, clearly setting out the realities of both statutory and company requirements tailored to the individual and their job role
  • staff manuals – are reference documents; accessible, informative and usable by managers as well as their staff
  • policies – should reflect positions or principles adopted by an organisation
  • procedures – reflect responsibilities, processes and how to undertake them
  • (work) instructions – set out a step-by-step guide on how to perform a particular task
  • investigation reports – must be factual, objective, even-handed and comprehensive
  • witness statements – verbatim information provided by individuals
  • audit reports – need to document findings and highlight any issues that have a bearing on the audit scope and assessment criteria
  • technical briefings – where potentially complex matters are described in a way that makes them understood and engaging, thus achieving better compliance
  • letters / emails – should be concise conveyors of relevant information, structured, uncomplicated and without waffle

We do not feel that you should receive generic information; we think you deserve tailored documentation, wherever possible reflecting your brand and culture.  Give us a call if you feel your documents need refreshing, reviewing or an out-and-out revamp.