HR, organisational and people development, but not as you know it…

Here at organic hr we are proud to work with a number of local businesses and organisations from the Halifax, Keighley, Bradford and Huddersfield areas.  We recognise that many small and medium sized businesses benefit from some HR, organisational and people development support, but don’t always understand what they want and where they can get it.

Our aim is to be accessible to any organisation, and to provide a service that is user-friendly and relevant to their needs.  We provide a commercial slant to our services where appropriate, and for many young or growing businesses, this approach is essential to ensuring the right people are in the right jobs with the rights skills at the right time – pretty critical for success!

Our offering is new, and it’s different.  Our team have all worked in ‘consultancy’ for a number of years, but this isn’t HR consultancy as people know it.  This is new.  This will allow business owners and managers to access the human resources support and services they need, and want to afford.  Furthermore, we offer a particular service for organisations in the not-for-profit, charity and social enterprise arena, tuned in to the challenges they face with their human resources, management, training and development, and support that is offered on a reduced fee structure that recognises the financial challenges they are likely to be facing.

This is an exciting time for our team, and we are proud of what we do.  Our work has already included providing outsourced HR services to a telecoms business, supporting a software business with a restructure and redundancy project, and developing and delivering a team building and training event to support a change programme within a large financial services organisation.  But what really excites us, is what’s next.  We don’t yet know who are new clients will be, or what the work will include and what challenges it will bring.

Perhaps you know the answer to this?  Why not get in touch and make some suggestions… we’d love to hear from you and will happily shell out for a posh cup of coffee if you’d like to meet up for a chat.

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