Manager Development – A Fresh Approach!

Developing managers is often both a priority and a challenge for an organisation.  In the current economic climate, a large, time consuming and costly management development programme may not be the answer, leading to many organisations looking at manager development in a different way.

Effective manager development focuses on the management needs of an organisation, and the individual learning needs of the managers.  Sounds simple, however many organisations pay an expensive traditional management consultancy to run a programme of generic management skills training, taking managers away from the office for days at a time, and receiving little return on their investment.

Here at organic hr we are different.  Our approach is far from traditional, and far from expensive.  We get to know what an organisation really wants and needs to achieve from an investment in manager development, and we create a plan that ensures that maximum gain is achieved from the day to day experience and exposure managers face.  With this central to a manager’s learning experience, feedback and focused coaching and development sessions ensure that this is capitalised on and real change and improvement begins to happen.  We’ll provide training workshops in the areas that are needed, delivering focused and practical learning that will translate back in the real world.  Furthermore, by making the most of an organisation’s own resources, internal ‘action learning groups’ can provide exactly the right kind of environment to provide support and lead to action – on both an individual and organisational level – resulting in long term benefits.

Our approach is different for lots of very good reasons, and most importantly we aim to provide our clients with as much benefit as possible for as little cost as possible – focusing on developing the self sufficiency to achieve ongoing benefits without ongoing fees.

Whether your organisation is based in Leeds, Wakefield, Manchester or Sheffield, our services extend across Yorkshire and the UK.  We can work with you to create a manager development programme for 1 manager to 111 managers, and we’ll listen carefully to what you want.  If you think we can help with your current and future management development needs, please get in touch.  We’ll buy the (fairtrade) coffee!

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