Management development

Most managers will agree that management development and coaching is a career-long commitment.  A manager’s environment and challenges change continually, and that’s often what’s so enjoyable – and difficult – about the role.

organic hr work with managers at all stages in their career, from a newly appointed supervisor through to a CEO, we have myriad tools and techniques to provide an individual with support, insight and skills that will prove to be practical, timely and effective.

Our experience in this area is wide, ranging from management development programmes for first-time and middle managers; coaching at senior manager levels extending across public and private sector organisations, as well as not-for-profit and charity organisations.  We are pleased to say that we find that no one solution fits all. Coaching can be helpful for many reasons, including learning and development, supporting a promotion or role change, easing in change, and career management.

We don’t want to tell you what good would look like for your organisation – we couldn’t possibly say without getting to know you better – but we would love the opportunity to listen to you and your colleagues, and get to understand a little about where you are now, and what you might want to achieve with your management development ideas.  We can then consider some approaches with you and find the right fit to achieve your objectives and stay within your budget.

With the utilisation of a range of occupational psychometrics, profiling techniques and good old-fashioned listening, our team are able to provide tailored one-to-one coaching on a one-off or longer term basis.  Coaching often forms part of a longer term programme of individual or team development, and used in this way provides an opportunity to reflect and explore their experiences on an individual basis, complementing their experience and its impact.Why not get in touch with our management consultants and arrange a meeting or phone call with one of our team members.

In the meantime, we’ve provided you with a taste of the possible content and elements that could be included in a programme of management development below.

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