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HR and employment quick guide

Sometimes even the basics of HR and employment can escape employers and workers alike, so we’ve produced a handy quick guide which covers the bare essentials of UK employment law:

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How does the grievance process work?

Unfortunately there may come in time in an individual’s working life that they have to be involved in a grievance – technically a statement of complaint about a perceived wrongdoing or unfairness; in terms of the workplace this usually translates
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How does workplace mediation work?

Following the introduction of our workplace mediation service in April, we thought it might be a good idea to explain what exactly workplace mediation is, and how it can help businesses with their human resources issues.

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A beginner’s guide to employee relations

Welcome to the first in our series of ‘Beginner’s guides’, intended to explain what kind of work we do at organic hr, and how it could help your company. This week, we’ll be focusing on Employee Relations Continue reading

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