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360 Degree Feedback Surveys

We are frequently asked to undertake . . . 

360 Degree Feedback Surveys

These offer organisations an opportunity to give everyone feedback on how they and their behaviours are perceived, in a constructive and confidential manner.  The process can identify the strengths and development needs of individuals based not only on their own view of themselves, but their direct reports, their manager and their peers.​  It is an excellent tool that can be used for organisational growth, team and individual improvement.  The benefits of 360 feedback done properly are well-documented:

Increases self-awareness - learning how others see us is invaluable.  Once we know what others perceive about us and compare it with our own view of ourselves, a deeper understanding is reached, producing a better focus on what to change.

Gives a holistic view - because feedback is given by a variety of people inside (and sometimes outside too) the organisation, it provides a more rounded and informative picture of how we are seen (and judged).

Identifies strengths - unearthing strengths is important for personal validation as well as understanding what talent the company has at its disposal.

Uncovers blind spots - enabling people to understand the behaviours they exhibit, but never see in themselves. Highlighting blind-spots makes it easier for someone to focus on what's important to change, learn and develop; it also creates a sense of accountability for the changes that are needed.

Develops skills across the whole organisation - the most important aspect of 360 reviews, arguably, is that they give the business an overview of where resources should best be spent to bring about change. 

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