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Case Management: Investigations, Hearings & Appeals

organic hr helps clients who may not have the confidence, time or resources to deal with these often challenging aspects of employing staff - situations can occur out of the blue and need immediate attention.

Precisely because we are independent from the employer, using our

services produces better outcomes. We are seen as independent and

unbiased by both employer and employee.  This means fact finding,

active listening, objectivity in processes are often easier to demonstrate

than for the employer when embroiled in disputes.

Ensuring an objective, fair and effective process means:

  • Seeking informal resolution wherever possible – often the least

       damaging route

  • Undertaking investigations – a key stage, and generally very much

       underestimated in importance

  • Sorting disciplinaries from capabilities - useful for both manager and 

       staff development

  • Attendance at Hearings and/or Appeals - to coach and advise on the

       process or chair the hearing

We also provide support ‘behind the scenes’, ensuring that what needs to be done is done on time:
  • Letters and communications sent and logged

  • Guidance and support provided for managers

We work in the best interests of our clients and their staff.  The matters addressed here can become all-consuming and extremely stressful for everyone involved.  We ‘take the strain’ and help you get back to running your business.  

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