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Reorganise, restructure, redeploy, redundancy

Every organisation must change from time to time because of the demands, pressures and opportunities they encounter - and that means usually their staff need to adjust the way they work as a result.

Changes arise when:
  • there is a reduced need for a certain type of work – potentially resulting in redundancies

  • there are changes to how a certain type of work will be delivered – possibly requiring a restructure

  • work and roles are reorganised within different teams or management structures and people are redeployed

Special situations such as mergers, de-mergers and acquisitions very frequently result in complex, far reaching changes of work, roles and employees.  Probably the one which employers are most familiar with is a TUPE transfer (Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006). 

How organic hr can help

We support delivery of those three aspects that are absolutely fundamental to

the success of any change management initiative:

1.   Timely and ongoing communications

2.   Identifying the correct balance, quantity and quality of roles and staffing

      for your future needs

3.   Handling the process in a sensitive manner in compliance with employment


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