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Soft skills development & coaching

Most managers will probably agree that their development at work should actually be a career-long commitment.  Their environment and the challenges they face change continually, and that’s often what’s so enjoyable (and difficult) about their role.  Once technical knowledge and skills are acquired however, it is the understanding and deployment of a range of soft skills that differentiate a good manager from an ineffective one.

Our experience extends across public and private sector companies,

not-for-profit and charity organisations.  We are pleased to say that no

one solution fits all, which is why organic hr does not provide generic

packages of training.  Instead we design the learning and development

delivery to the needs of your business.

We will listen to what you want to achieve in your market place and 

help you find suitable approaches that support your business


Soft skills development - using a range of occupational psychometrics,

profiling techniques, needs analysis and good old-fashioned listening,

our consultants are able to provide tailored learning and development

for your staff.

Coaching - sometimes it's an individual who would benefit from some objective feedback and development.  Whilst a one-off session can be very useful, coaching is often a longer-term relationship, and used in this way provides an excellent opportunity for an individual to reflect on, explore and importantly, learn from their experiences over time.  In this way, effective changes in behaviour can be made and locked-in.  Nancy has a Diploma in Business Performance Coaching.

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