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Occupational psychometrics, aptitude tests & personality questionnaires

One of the reasons we work in the human resources profession is quite simply because people are fascinating!


Psychometric assessments are a great way to understand what makes someone tick, what's beneath that outward appearance.  These assessments provide much better information than relying on interviews alone.  Understanding an individual's behaviours, motivations, weaknesses and personality traits enables better quality dialogue and decision-making.  At organic hr  we use a range of tried and tested:

  • psychometric assessments

  • ability tests

  • profiling tools and diagnostics

  • situational judgment assessments

  • conflict handling approaches

  • team role preferences

  • communication styles

Selecting the most appropriate ones will provide you with the

right information for your needs.  They can be used in a variety 

of ways - recruitment and selectionteam and individual

development, and coaching are just some examples.

We are qualified in the British Psychological Society Certificate

of Occupational Testing to Levels A and B, meaning that we are

proficient and experienced in using these tools in a business environment and critically, in providing effective, sensitive and tailored feedback.   


Psychometrics help businesses make evidence-based decisions.  Saving you time and money; lessening the risks of potential challenges based on unfair discrimination and supporting you and  your staff.

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