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Employment Legislation Matters - an overview

Employment legislation, rules, regulations and case law can be confusing at best, but often when you’re up against deadlines and other commercial realities, it’s usually  a minefield.  Well, it doesn’t have to be! 


In theory, the relationship between you and your employees is a straightforward and reasonable transaction – you give money and benefits in return for work and/or services performed, end of story.

In practice, difficulties and pitfalls leading to legal challenges can arise at every stage of the employment relationship:

  • Advertising and interviewing - Yes really! Even before recruitment has taken place

  • Selection and appointment - Aagh! How to reject unsuccessful applicants legally

  • Induction, probationary periods - Are they needed? Yes, to address mistakes, 

       under performance or even terminate, promptly

  • Managing performance - Why bother? Avoid costly challenges and 

       mutinous staff

  • Promotion, succession planning - Head off disputes and grievances

  • Restructuring, reorganisation, redeployment, redundancy - minimise your

       exposure to risk

  • Ending employment - It’s not fair! Keep employment tribunals at bay

  • After employment - Oops! Should have ensured company confidentiality 

       issues or garden leave earlier

Contract Review
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