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Management training


We are proud of our track record in the design, development  and delivery

of a wide range of management training.  Coaching and on-going

management support often follows on with managers post-training.

organic hr works closely with organisations and their managers to

understand business needs and aspirations.  We then translate this into

tailored refreshers, sessions, workshops, courses, programmes or

events that enable your people to deliver improvements and change

back in their working environment.  Whatever will work for your staff,

we will design it!


Our training is always ‘learner centred’ - working at a pace and level

which will suit your staff and your culture. 


However, we also recognise that training is not a silver bullet for

achieving growth and change, which is why we work hard to ensure

that any learning activity is aligned with your other business processes to gain

maximum benefit and success from the investment you have made.

We’d love to have the opportunity to talk with you about training and development and show you what we can do.  

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