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Team Development

Team development is one of our passions, and we suspect it might be one of yours. 


How often do you hear the phrase ‘people are our most valuable asset‘?  And then go on to see disgruntled workers or poor business practice?   Organisations are defined by their people, so team working is a critical activity in any business.  However a group of people working in the same area or on the same activities will not automatically come together as a team - often significant work has to be undertaken to arrive at a genuine, authentic performing team.

Effective organisational (and therefore team) performance is based on two aspects:

1.  a clear understanding of the shared goals, strategies, values and work plans, together with the individual roles and responsibilities of         each team member, and

2.  the interpersonal qualities of trust, communication and mutual



Together these two perspectives determine a team’s ability to achieve

and sustain high performance - so teambuilding is a necessary

companion to the operational efforts of building capacity and

resilience in a business.

Often though, team development is something that is ignored, or not

understood even if it's recognised that people aren't working well

together.  Nurturing supportive and collaborative relationships doesn't

always come naturally to managers and the dynamics of team

development and staff motivation usually take second place to

operational needs.  As a result, team processes can become a liability,

leading to under-performance, poor productivity, low morale and high staff turnover.


Phew!! That was a bit heavy . . . organic hr's team building services most certainly aren't though.   We will provide you with the knowledge and understanding for effective team building, plus the tools, skills and confidence to get the best out of your people (individually, as well as your teams) and address challenges encountered.  And our team building sessions are really good fun . . . it's a promise.

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