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Training courses & workshops

Our workshops and training sessions, encourage individual involvement and participation, because it aids learning.  Our trainers stimulate fresh thinking, even when it's a familiar subject, challenging existing behaviours and habits. The focus is on practical skills and  relevant outcomes that will be taken back into the workplace and used.  Oh and by the way, we don’t say we can deliver training in areas we don’t understand; we’ll put you in touch with one of our trusted partners who will be subject-matter experts and only too happy to help.

Training sessions include pre- and post-course work for the participants; activities and group work during the sessions; commitment  to action plans; and wherever possible, ensuring that participants' line managers are closely involved in the learning journey too.  Here are some of the topics we cover:

 . . . around personal effectiveness 

  • time management

  • assertiveness

  • delegation

  • motivation

  • handling conflict

  • business literacy and report writing

 . . . around management effectiveness

  • interviewing skills

  • providing feedback, setting objectives

  • managing performance (absence / appraisals / capability)

  • dealing with stress

  • handling disciplinaries and grievances

  • leadership and management

  • managing change

 . . . around employment legislation

  • recruitment and selection

  • terminations including redundancies

  • offers of employment, references, contracts of employments

  • discrimination, diversity and inclusion

. . . other subject areas

  • ISO 9001 internal auditing​ - ensuring your organisation actually benefits

  • customer service excellence - wow your customers

  • Vision and Values - making them live and breathe

  • assessor training for development/assessment centres - getting the right people

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