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Care Sector HR

We think that organisations within the care sector face some of the most challenging circumstances when it comes to HR and employment matters, for example:


  • Large spans of management control - often there are relatively

       few managers compared to operational staff and therefore

       managers tend to be involved in all aspects of the business and

       it's difficult to deal with everything

  • Recruitment challenges - high staff turnover and tight margins

       can mean that unskilled staff are the only options, and is a 

       recipe for stress at any time

  • Regulatory requirements - HR and employment processes

       must support the operational priority of demonstrably meeting

       regulatory requirements.  These requirements and standards

       come from a variety of sources too, such as local council

       commissioning teams or national bodies such as the Care

       Quality Commission (CQC).  The media are also frequently commenting on the sector's performance. 

We don’t pretend to fully grasp all the challenges that care sector organisations face, but we do have a desire to provide support where we can.  To get things started, we’ve prepared a free white paper providing ideas on how effective recruitment, selection and induction can have a positive impact, with special consideration of the CQC essential standards 12-14 (suitability of staffing). 


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