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Performance management & appraisal systems

Performance management is exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s about getting all those different people, with different skills and different behaviours and different outlooks to do the right activities in the right way, whilst ensuring that every individual understands how every activity they undertake contributes and makes a difference to their organisation’s success.  Easy, yes??  "I don't think so" is probably what you're politely thinking!


organic hr believes that performance management shouldn't be seen

as yet another bureaucratic HR process that stops managers from doing

their jobs.  It's simply another name for good people management and

it should be embedded into everything a manager does. 

Good performance management incorporates three key areas:

1.  Identifying and addressing needs at individual, team and

     organisational levels

2.  Providing development, focusing on continual learning and

     improvement and bringing about changes in behaviour

3.  Managing behaviour, providing feedback and encouraging the

     right behaviours that foster good practice

Simply introducing an annual appraisal system is not going to do the trick; neither do we want to turn your organisation upside down with multiple processes, practices and pieces of paper that take the focus away from the job in hand.  Instead, we’ll listen to what you want to achieve, and using our expertise and experience, provide a tailored, practical solution that will make sense to your managers and your staff.  We can help you implement it too.

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